Through MagmaMath© the children familiarize themselves with mathematical concepts, they acquire mathematical skills and abilities that run through both Greek and International Curricula while constructing the appropriate mental, cognitive and socio-sentimental background that helps them reinforce their self-confidence and acquire positive learning experiences in the field of mathematics.


The educational world internationally has long agreed that board games contribute to the cultivation of children’s creativity, imagination and divergent thought as these come across problematic situations in which they must think of the moves and evaluate the options in order to solve them, to imagine and invent alternative strategies, to plan their actions and if needed, to modify them and finally discover and evaluate the results of all these interactions.


The cultivation of methodological thinking, probability calculation, mental calculations, inquiry of alternative strategies, flexibility and creativity, complex problem resolution as well as the constant familiarization of the children with all kinds of motives are the main characteristics of MagmaAdventure©, the third module of MEGC©, that is addressed to nursery and primary school learners.

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“The game is the realization of learning through action. - Feeney, Cristensen & Mravcil -